Domestic Relocation

Prestige Packers and Movers has experienced and qualified professionals delivering top quality relocation services. We manage all kinds of relocation with strict standards of quality and care throughout the country to meet the needs of each client.

The packers and movers pack your household belongings including furniture, bedroom items, clothes, linen, crockery, mattresses, kitchen appliances ceramics, planters, pots etc. All these are really pricey items and several have zero tolerance to jerks.

Car Transportation

Prestige Packers and Movers also ensures that the transit vehicle carrying your car is driven by qualified drivers who can further protect it from any accidental mishaps. & if for any reason the mishap does happen we have insurance cover for that too. We offer transit insurance which comes at 1.5% premium.

we also offer comprehensive insurance that occurs due to any mishandling faults, this comes at 3% premium. Presige Packers and Movers offer car transportation services across the country. All major cities like Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Mysore, Pune, and Hyderabad are well connected.

Corporate Relocation

corporate relocation companies involves packing countless file cabinets, desks, chairs, all sensitive computer equipment, high-tech machinery and other innumerable office belongings.Prestige Packers and Movers undertake this endeavor with an assurance that they offer best services.

Corporate Relocation is a very sensitive relocation as we are dealing with very expensive office equipments & equally valuable documents.Our company deals in not just office shifting but our services also include relocation of industrial goods, shop items, industrial equipments & machinery, computers, furniture, cabinets, electronic items, fixtures, hospital equipments and factories

Packing Services

Prestige Packers and Movers, Delhi based Packers and Movers Company, enables worry and hassle free packing and moving services for you. Our company is renowned for reliability and swiftness. Though some people might think that they do not require the assistance of professional packing and moving services provider, and are capable of packing their house or workspace without assistance, but when moving; the need to hire a professional packing service might be the way to go. As one of the best packing and moving services pack your home in one day. This saves not only time, but the hassle of living with and out of boxes.

Prestige Packers and Movers is one such company that can provide a full service, from packing up your household to unpacking and setting up your new home. We offer efficient packing and moving services in India to people from all major cities in India such as Pune, Hyderabad Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore,Chandigarh, Jaipur and Cochin etc.We offer express packing; unpacking; loading; unloading; crating and delivery facilities, with great precision and accuracy. There is a preliminary planning stage that we undertake to ensure trouble free and a comfortable relocation with 100% punctuality. We value your time therefore we deliver on time!

The Packers and Movers employed by Prestige Packers are all professionals and they are the best in their fields. These skilled and dedicated personnel provide efficient and reliable goods shifting and goods packing and moving services in India. Our manpower as well as equipment like car trailers, hydraulic elevators, and high speed trailers ensures swift delivery of packed goods in India. Our dependable packing and moving services have earned us acclaim not only in major cities like delhi, bangalore, mumbai but all over India. Backed by a core team of thorough professionals, who are specialists in the field of packing and moving services, we ensure that your goods reach the destination with utmost care and safety

Loading Unloading Services

Prestige Packers and Movers offer Loading Unloading Services in all the locations. It is one of the most renowned companies that have good backing from all the customers that have utilized its services. After all for a packing and moving company to be successful it is not only important to be good in that field, rather it is equally important to excel in the field of loading and unloading. After all what would you think is the utility of packing and relocating the goods efficiently, if there are no efficient workers who can handle the loading and unloading of the goods effectively? Companies of Loading and Unloading services in Delhi present a scenario where the packing of all the goods have been done very efficiently, and all the goods are appropriately packed in boxes that are meant for them. There is also bubble packing provided and everything is done to ensure that there is no chipping or breakage of expensive china or delicate essentials while packing.

Prestige Packers and movers; which is a very well established company of Loading and Unloading Services Delhi; ensures that all the intricacies and detailing that is required for safe and sound delivery of all the goods is effectively taken care of. We have the professional team of workers that are capable of handling any kind of goods effectively and you can be assured that once you handover your consignment to us it would reach safely at the required destination, without any hassles that can impede the process.

We follow two steps to ensure this, first of all the goods are packed in a fool proof manner in boxes and cartons that are highly appropriate for them and then secondly they are loaded and unloaded in such a manner that no goods are mishandled and you can find your products safe and sound and that too delivered on time. That is the reason that one of the residents in Banglore says that 'Prestige packers and Movers is the ultimate company for all moving requirements'.


It is very heartening to see movers and packers; with all your household possessions; drive off to your new home. Till the time the truck reaches the destination safely and all the items are unpacked, there is a persistent nagging thought in your mind regarding the well being of your prized possessions. "Will they reach safely? How many bone china mugs would be chipped?" These are some of the thoughts in home makers mind. And we at Prestige Packers and Movers Company really understand all this, because we know that in spite of all the precautions taken, some untoward incidents can happen and they can impact the transit merchandise. Even though best packing and moving services can offer their optimum services; still CALAMITIES CAN HAPPEN.

Therefore Prestige Packers and Movers offer insurance for your household goods. This takes stress out of your moving and packing tasks and allows you to channelize your energy and time on other important matters during relocation. This packing moving protection is available to you at very competitive rates. To suit your packing moving budget we offer 2 protection policies

Transit packing moving policy: This covers damages occurring due to road accident. The premium is 1.5% Comprehensive packing moving policy: This includes damages resulting from accidents and handling of household goods. The premium for this service is 3%

Our Network

Prestige Packers and Movers, takes you anywhere, no matter where you are moving to. We offer to relocate you to any part of India, safely, securely, on time and without any damage to any of your goods. We have a huge fleet of vehicles including trucks and tempos to do this job. We also have standby vehicles to carry out the moving and packing task, in order to avoid delays, in case there is some problem with the vehicle that is allocated to you. Now who would have that kind of foresight to deal with a problem even before it appears. This is what makes us different from the other packing moving companies, and we definitely boast about it!

Prestige Packing and Moving services can take you anywhere from Delhi, to Bangalore to Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh and Hyderabad etc.. You name it and we take you there. We have developed a wide network spread across the country, to transport the goods easily to any city or village in India

This network that we have created is so strong and it is there to ensure a smooth relocation of goods. Therefore we've often heard our clients saying that Prestige Packers and Movers are the "best packing and moving service providers". We want to see smiles on the faces of people; therefore we have relocated innumerable number of people to various locations, and also shifted a large number of offices, and factories.